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Efficient, reliable and cost-effective

Compliance made simple

As a telephone service provider, Ofcom's GC15 regulation requires you to offer NGT for people who are hearing- or speech-impaired. We've made it easy and affordable for you to fulfil this obligation. Our NGT service supports:

      •     Text to text – A call between two textphones or mobiles

      •     Text to voice – A call from a textphone or a mobile to a standard telephone

      •     Voice to text – A call from a standard telephone to a textphone or mobile

      •     Voice to voice – A call from a standard telephone or mobile to another standard telephone or mobile.

Benefits for you

Compliance – You can be confident our service meets Ofcom's GC15 requirements.

Always available – Calls can be made to all UK national, mobile, premium rate and international telephone numbers, at any time, any day.

Seamless connectivity – The service automatically configures for calls between textphones and standard phones.

Wide compatibility – NGT works with all leading brands of textphone, PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones, and requires no other equipment.

Benefits for your customers

Easy to use – Users access the service simply by dialling a prefix before the telephone number.

Affordable – There's no extra charge for using NGT: calls are charged at the standard call rates.

Secure and private – All calls managed by NGT are relayed securely and remain private and confidential. Emergency services, government departments and banks all use this service.

Life-enriching – NGT provides vital support to people with hearing or speech impairments, enabling them to participate fully in society.

Reliability and support – NGT is a high quality and very reliable service. If users need support, we offer a 24-hour helpdesk.

We're the only communications supplier offering NGT or a similar type of service in the UK – it's part of our commitment to inclusive telephone communications

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