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MVNO Solutions

With our continued investment into our award-winning mobile network, we can help you and your customers take the mobile market by storm.

  • Investing in future performance

    We’re investing £1.5 million into our mobile network every day. To make sure you enjoy an even higher performing ubiquitous network.

  • Providing greater coverage

    Our 4G services are already available to over 95% of the population; 3G to over 98%; and 2G to over 99%.Our network provides the best coverage and overall best performance throughout the country (Ofcom’s 2014 nationwide survey).

  • Unbeatable speeds

    The EE network is 50% faster than any other competitor. With average 4G download speeds of 31Mbps, our network offers the fastest speeds with the fewest dropped calls.

More choice

A great selection of mobile network products, services and solutions.

Tailored solutions

A host of options - from limited investment to fully integrated MVNO solutions.

Greater coverage

Unparalleled levels of coverage and speed across the UK.

The biggest, fastest and most reliable network in the UK

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) represent 16% of volume and 10% value in the UK mobile market. So if there was an opportunity worth tapping into, this is one of them.

And we’re best placed to help.

When Orange and T-Mobile merged to create EE, the two networks were integrated to create the biggest, fastest network in the UK. And since EE has become part of BT, we are now improving on that reputation even more so, opening up new opportunities for MVNOs, while maintaining our reputation as one of the best mobile networks in the UK.

We now have the UK’s largest and fastest mobile network and provide great coverage with 4G services available to more than 98% of the population; 3G to over 98% and 2G to over 99%. But we’re not stopping there. Whilst we already cover more of the UK landmass than any other network, our ambition is to provide 4G services to 95% of the UK landmass by 2020.

Why BT Wholesale?

  • we’ve been proven to have 4G in more places (substantiated by Rootmetrics, the biggest independent network testing in the UK), so you can enjoy more coverage at better speeds
  • we’re investing £1.5 million in our mobile network every day so we can bring the UK’s number one network to more people in more places
  • our network offers unparalleled reliability, carrying over 150 million calls on a daily basis
  • the EE 4G network clocks average speeds of 31Mbps
  • you’ll be able to increase your market share and reduce churn by ensuring your customers are able to access the UK’s number one network and be available in more places than ever before
  • with a range of flexible solutions we can find the mobile solution that suits your needs
  • our dedicated MVNO team has years of experience and we currently support almost 30 brands, providing mobile services to over 5 million end users
  • our trophy cabinet is full – from Rootmetrics to Ookla, we’re consistently recognised as the champion of mobile networks
  • and in 2016 we were voted the ‘Best Wholesale Operator’ at the prestigious Global MVNO congress.

But we’re not ones for resting on our laurels. We’re committed to making even more improvements as we continue to develop our high-performance, ubiquitous and fully converged network. For example, we’re investing to put 4G in more places, wherever people go and making it even more reliable.

Did you know? From 2017, the UK’s emergency services will be using our network for their critical communications service – a world first for a 4G network!

At a glance benefits for you

  • near real time CDRs
  • competitive and simple commercials
  • true customer ownership
  • flexibility to configure own retail propositions
  • brand differentiation.

What can we do for you?

We’re committed to building on our award-winning, market-leading network so you can offer your customers access to it, as well as a host of related products and services. Our propositions can be tailored to meet your specific needs. So if you’re just starting to add mobility to your portfolio or whether you’re already established with a mobile solution, we’ll cater for you. Likewise, we can help you offer SIMs to your customers or a fully white-labelled and outsourced solution – whatever you need, we’ll make our solution fit.

As BT Wholesale is a market leader in the provision of Ethernet connections to mobile cell sites, we can provide you with a range of superb solutions. Add to that, EE’s large portfolio of products and services, you’ll have the possibility of exploring new avenues for cross-selling and upselling.

So if you’re looking for unparalleled reliability, the fastest speeds, great coverage and unrivalled quality, then you’re looking in the right place. Let our network do the work as you embark on a rewarding new mobility journey.

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