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Reliable, high-speed connectivity

High-volume transmissions

Offer larger businesses a high-speed connectivity solution to link their sites and enable them to make inter-office voice calls, and to enjoy the real-time sharing of information and applications.

Our MegaStream solution provides a secure, 'always-on' connection that's uncontended at speeds of up to 155Mbit/s. It's ideal for transmitting high volumes of voice and data between sites anywhere in the UK.

MegaStream is proven and reliable – however, you might find that our Wholesale Ethernet  solution with finer bandwidth granularity and greater scalability is more suited to your needs.

A choice of speeds
MegaStream is available in three options to suit your customers' needs:

• MegaStream 2 (2Mbit/s) can carry multiple applications and is ideal for linking mainframes to local area networks (LANs), linking two or more PBXs, running reservations systems or telephone banking.

• MegaStream Genus (2, 34, 45 and 155Mbit/s) is a high-performance, high-availability service.

• MegaStream High Bandwidth (34Mbit/s and above) is our portfolio of digital leased lines or private circuits.

LearningStream and High Bandwidth LearningStream are versions specially designed for institutions that need online access to education content.

Benefits for you and your customers

Quick set-up – you can take the service to market very quickly and it can often be set up in less than 20 days.

Highly secure - physical point-to-point connectivity assures high levels of security.

Very reliable – MegaStream has reliability levels of 99.9%. For the other 0.1%, you're covered by our PromptCare service (or you can upgrade to TotalCare).

Wide coverage – unlike many similar network connectivity products, MegaStream is available anywhere in the UK.

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