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Managed Order Desk

Managing connectivity and CPE orders can be a complex and
long-winded business. That’s why we’ve developed a complete,
outsourced solution that saves you time, trouble and money.

  • Outsource your connectivity ordering

    We can manage all of your ordering processes for connectivity and CPE, taking away all the hassle whilst also improving your cash flow.

  • Order management can be so much easier

    Worried about the complexities of order management? We’ll do it all for you – including managing the suppliers and all of the processes.

Better cost control

Improve your cash flow and your cost savings with our outsourced solution.

Great customer satisfaction

Ensuring that your order management runs smoothly also helps to ensure happier customers.

A single point of contact

We do everything for you – including orchestrating suppliers and all order processes.

Increase your efficiency with our complete, outsourced solution for managing connectivity and CPE orders

Our Managed Order Desk will handle all your orders and suppliers while you focus on core business 

Order desk management is a complex and time-consuming process. Our white-labelled operation handles and streamlines the whole process, saving you time, money and trouble.

Benefits for you

 Cost control and predictability. Order management can be very expensive in terms of the operational, management, training and maintenance costs involved. By outsourcing your order management to us, you’ll save money (e.g. by improved invoicing) and enjoy fixed costs. Our streamlined process will improve your cash flow and enable you to plan future growth more easily.

 Better order management. Because we’re experts at order desk management, we know how to avoid all of the errors that can creep in and delay orders.

 Faster deployment. We provide you with a single point of contact, giving an end-to-end, co-ordinated approach to the management of suppliers and interfaces. This in turn leads to more rapid and controlled deployment.

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