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Managed Install

Check out our fast, easy and low-cost approach to
installing leased line circuits with CPE.

  • We’ll do the work for you

    Our easy, low-cost way of installing Ethernet circuits, Managed Install gets your customers up and running in no time.

  • Quick and easy installation

    You and your customers can both save time, money and effort with our value add service, boosting your efficiency and the user experience. And all from one supplier.

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Single order journey

One simple journey for access, CPe and install.

Life made easier

Faster installation leads to earlier billing and better cash flow.

We manage everything

From order to monitoring to installation and ongoing support.

Reliable, flexible leased line circuit and CPE installation

Explore our end-to-end internet access solution

Easy and cost-effective, Managed Install is a reliable and flexible access solution that provides a single bundled order. It’s designed to deliver leased line circuits (for products such as broadband and Ethernet), as well as sourcing, testing and installing the CPE.

After access circuit installation, one of our engineers will install the assigned CPE, re-configured to a standard boot configuration. Meanwhile, we provide you with on-going maintenance support. Our Managed Install solution is currently available on Wholesale Ethernet (fibre-based) and EFM (copper). Further access, such as GEA, will be developed if there’s enough interest.

Key benefits for you

  • It enables you to respond to customer demand - end users have been asking us for an installation solution that would reduce their costs and increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • It makes life easier for your customers – which also makes life easier for you. Faster CPE installation leads to earlier billing and a better cash flow.

  • Aligned billing reduces complexity and cost in managing multiple suppliers and invoicing. We’ll also only bill once the CPE has been installed, further reducing cashflow exposure and improving circuit profitability.

  • The ordering process is also easy – a single, integrated order journey for access, CPE and install.

  • When installation is complete, an end-to-end test on the service can be carried out.

  • You have one dedicated team that will manage your end to end order.

  • This frees up your time to focus on your business and not chase delivery.

Key benefits for your customers

 This is where Managed Install really comes into its own. 

  • Competitive pricing – and lower costs.

  • Quick and easy – a fast end-to-end service with fibre EAD and copper EFM supported.

  • Greater productivity and efficiency – leading to higher customer satisfaction.

  • Quicker installation of CPE – enabling a faster customer handover.

  • Convenient – CPE and installation are prepared and co-ordinated by our agents.

  • Environmentally friendly – CO2 emissions are lower as there’s a single supplier, one visit and one truck where possible. 

Easy Ordering

Ordering Managed Install is part of the existing Wholesale Ethernet journey - and you can order access, CPE and install at the same time. We’ll co-ordinate the CPE and Installation and install any back-up devices. Afterwards, an onsite engineer will enable you to run the end-to-end test before the handover.

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