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Managed Dual Path

By automatically switching from broadband to mobile data networks, our solution offers you backup connections so your customers can keep their business running.

  • Perfect for mission-critical applications

    There are many situations where your customers need their devices connected and network downtime could spell catastrophe. With Managed Dual Path you can minimise this effect with backup connections.

  • Taking care of your network

    We fully manage our service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means we’ll make sure your customers stay connected and there’s no disruption to their business.

  • Keeping a BT eye on things

    BT’s experienced Network Management Centre is always monitoring to ensure connectivity.

  • High-quality broadband and mobile networks

    Not only will your customers benefit from our high-speed broadband but in the event of switching data paths, they’ll then benefit from our award-winning, super-speedy 4G mobile network.

  • Help is on hand

    We have a specialist helpdesk and a dedicated PRINCE 2 project management team to help deliver your project to your customers.

Reliable service

We monitor the network infrastructure and maximise mobile network coverage across the UK.

24/7 assistance

BT’s Network Management Centre offers you full support.

Resilient options

A variety of backhaul options are available including VPN, MPLS and Dedicated Links.

Maximising device availability

Our Managed Dual Path solution combines high quality broadband and mobile data networks, switching to the mobile data path if the broadband path suffers any interruption. This means that you can offer your customers a Machine to Machine (M2M) solution that maximises device availability and ensures that the network is always on.

Whatever industry your customer is in, with Managed Dual Path you can offer an automatic backup for their data connection, using wired and wireless networks. They could be making sales in-store or using devices to monitor water supplies – our solution can handle the harshest of environments and we make sure you can keep them connected.

Options to suit you

To ensure your customers can run their business smoothly, we have different features, benefits and options included within our solution: 

National roaming SIM. Provides improved coverage and stronger resilience. In the case of a DSL issue, the service failovers to mobile and automatically reverts to broadband when it’s available.

M2M specific routers and peripherals. We can supply these, all of which have been selected for their reliability in remote locations. Field hardened routers are also available.

APN solutions. We provide both public and private, enabling enhanced security.

Backhaul options. VPN, MPLS and Dedicated Links are available.

If your customers need immediate connectivity to a new site, our solution can be deployed using mobile data only. Once it’s available, broadband will then be provisioned.

The benefits of Managed Dual Path

Always on. Our system means you can make sure your customers are always connected, to avoid any disruption to their business.

Handles harsh environments. And succeeds when exposure to the elements would get in the way of connectivity.

Fast speeds. As our M2M network uses our award-winning EE network, you can offer your customers exceptionally fast 4G speeds.

Fully managed. Our Network Management Centre fully manage the service, 24/7.

Project management. We have a specialist helpdesk and an experienced PRINCE 2 project management team to help deliver your project to your customers.

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