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IP Connect UK

Streamline your network into one manageable, affordable resource with built-in flexibility and connect different sites with different needs, in the most efficient way.

Stay connected and keep business running

Reliable communications

IP Connect UK is a ‘Wires Only’ network that enables you to consolidate your communications network and extend it to any number of locations nationwide. Whether you have 3 sites or 3000, it makes no difference. All are connected efficiently and securely to a single multi-protocol network for voice, video and data. What's more, they can all have similar access to next generation technology, such as IP Voice Services, as well as hosted and cloud-based services.

Your IP Connect UK benefits

Choice and flexibility – As well as connecting sites across the UK, you can also deliver the right access type and speed for each one. Select from ADSL, fibre, Ethernet and leased lines, with speeds up to 1Gbps.

Save money – Bringing your networks together onto a single IP platform makes them easier to manage and more cost-effective. Shorter distances between your sites and our network mean you'll save on access costs.

Scalable – Increasing or decreasing the number of sites in your network is fast, easy and affordable. So you can expand or restructure your business without major impact on your network capability.

Security – IP Connect UK has been certified by the CESG to impact level 2.2.4.

Reassuring reliability – IP Connect UK runs on our high-performance 21CN network offering 99.99% availability and expert helpdesks to provide support when you need it.

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