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Ethernet MSIL

New opportunities await you and your customers with Ethernet Multi Services Interconnect Link (MSIL), giving you the chance to explore a new online world
with better broadband.

Meeting connectivity demands

The simplest of solutions

Whether it’s at work or home, reliable broadband is important for smarter ways of working and providing the gateway to exciting online media. We can help you with a simple connectivity solution to our next generation broadband services. With MSIL your network can be connected to ours over Ethernet so you’ll be able to offer your customers the speed, performance and reach of our broadband portfolio, including our market-leading white-labelled product, Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC).

Flexible and versatile

MSIL is a versatile solution that comes with a choice of three handover options, so you can choose how the connection is made with your internal network:

   •     In Building Handover (IBH)
   •     In Span Handover (ISH)
   •     Access Port Handover (APH)

All options are available at 1Gbps connection speed. IBH and APH are also available at 10Gbps.

Big benefits

Reliable and resilient – MSIL is an uncontended connectivity solution so you’re guaranteed the speed and performance of the connection.

Improve your selling power – MSIL is the gateway to faster broadband for your customers so it’ll help you sell next generation communications solutions, such as VoIP and Cloud services.

Backed by us – And supported on our high-performance 21CN network, which sets the standard in the communications industry.

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