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An essential service for your customers

Robust and reliable

Offering your telephony customers emergency services calling access is a statutory obligation. And we've made it easy for you to comply. All you need is our fully managed Emergency Services 999 solution. It's resilient, affordable and available 24/7/365 to all fixed, mobile and VoIP callers from UK mainland.

Benefits for you

Robust compliance – Emergency Services 999 enables you to comply rigorously with your statutory obligation to provide an emergency calls service as a supplier of a Publicly Available Telephony Service (PATS).

Reassuring reliability – Our service is designed to deliver maximum resilience through every stage of the emergency call process. We've configured the network and supporting systems to 99.99999% availability.

Round-the-clock availability – There are no half measures with an emergency calls service: you must provide the service constantly as well as consistently. Our solution is available all day, every day.

Fast response – We answer 95% of calls to the 999 service in five seconds or less. Our network automatically prioritises all emergency calls.

Optimum efficiency – Our service is compatible with the Enhanced Information Service for Emergency Calls (EISEC) system, which automatically forwards name and address details to control centres.

Total confidence for you and your customers

We're one of the world's leading communications companies and have been providing excellent operator services to millions of customers for many years. We regularly meet with all Emergency Authorities to review our 999 service and ensure performance standards are maintained at the highest levels.

Emergency Services 999 is an essential service that is only available from BT and we handle around 37 million calls each year

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