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Directory Solutions

With BT Directory Solutions (BTDS), you can give your customers a
high-quality directory enquiries service. In fact, you can give them the most comprehensive number database in the UK.

Offer your customers the best service possible

Extensive database

We can offer you the most comprehensive information source for UK directory enquiries – something you won’t find with any other supplier. Our database, Directory Management System (DMS) holds more than 26 million residential and business names, addresses and telephone numbers. DMS is maintained to the highest standards and is regularly updated from the records of over 60 UK communications providers.

Complete confidence

Whether you provide a Directory Enquiries 118 service, distribute information via bureau services or supply an online, CD-ROM or printed phone book, with BTDS you can be totally confident in the quality of the information you provide.

Benefits for you

Up-to-date – DMS is updated on a daily basis so you’ll benefit from new, ceased and amended data entry information.

Unique – this data is not available from any other source and is exclusive to BT Wholesale.

Reliable – BTDS collates and maintains directory information to the highest standards to give you a reliable and accurate number information database.

Versatile – As a licensee, you can use extracts of DMS to create innovative directory products and services.



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