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Data Services

Offer your customers a choice of high quality data connectivity options that are fast, reliable, secure and enable them to exchange information and data seamlessly.

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    Want to understand exactly what were talking about? Download our Jargon Buster for quick and easy access to all the terminology and acronyms we use. This will help you understand which products exactly to add to your portfolio.

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    Our lead times are already short by industry standards. Now theyre even shorter, leaving you with an extra ten days! What could you do in that time? Have a look at our infographic for some suggestions.

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  • New Ethernet pricing option

    Our special new offer on Etherway Fibre will boost your profitability by encouraging more customers to migrate to faster technology.

    Great savings

    Our offer gives savings of 1,100 over a three-year term.
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    With circuits eligible for Connected Cities, you could also claim back up to 3,000 from the scheme.

  • In business to support your business

    Our Data Services offer you great business opportunities. Watch our video to find out how our Commercial Team can help you maximise them.

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    NEW BT WHOLESALE PLAYER 480x270 - Data Services

  • We help keep you connected

    With our high-performance connectivity solutions you can meet your customer's needs cost-effectively, as well as help them move confidently from traditional to next-generation technology.

    Sell with confidence

    Our Data Services solutions range from leased lines, Ethernet through to IP virtual privates and fully managed, end-to-end broadband solutions.

    We have the largest fibre broadband network in the UK.

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Flexible and versatile

Designed to meet your needs, our solutions have in-built flexibility and can be scaled up or down.


Available on a fully-managed basis, our solutions eliminate the need for upfront capital investment.

High quality

Our 21C network delivers exceptional levels of performance and reliability.

Keep connected with our Data Services

Exceptional reach and performance

Wherever you or your customers are, we have  a portfolio full of high-performance connectivity solutions that will meet both your needs. Our ADSL broadband services are available at exchanges serving more than 99.97% of all UK homes and businesses and our Wholesale Ethernet product is available from fibre access nodes across the country.

Plenty of options

BT has the largest fibre broadband network in the UK and for Ethernet we offer more access options than any other UK network provider. What this means for you is that you’ll be able to sell with confidence knowing you’re using data services from a reliable supplier. Other key features include:

Go to market quickly – Our advanced connectivity solutions can be offered fully managed, so you can take them to market without investment in costly systems, infrastructure and support.

Flexibility – Our solutions come with built-in flexibility, with a choice of bandwidths, access options and 'pay as you grow' pricing.

Exceptional choice – With the best range of access options in the industry, you can offer your customers the ideal connectivity solution, based on service, cost or a combination of the two.

With our experience and expertise, we can help you confidently move your customers from traditional to next-generation technology.

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