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Customer Premises Equipment

Show your customers how to gain the maximum value from the latest technology by offering them competitively priced Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) from leading manufacturers. Our wide range of high-quality CPE supports all of our market-leading communications and IT solutions.

Meet your customers’ CPE needs

Easy ordering, quick delivery

Offer your customers a wide selection of CPE, including a huge variety of data, voice and security equipment. Ordering the equipment is easy, thanks to our Dabs web portal – and we can deliver the products directly to your customers.

Benefits for you

Efficiency and reduced costs – Streamline your procurement processes and save on administration by using one reliable supplier for all your CPE needs. There are no sign-up fees for Dabs and no minimum ordering commitment.

Convenience – Dabs offers easy online ordering, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Competitive wholesale pricing – We use our buying power to offer you competitive prices on all our CPE products.

Flexibility – Dabs can be white labelled so your customers can order through your own website, at an optional cost.  There's also a choice of delivery methods and the option to have goods delivered to you or directly to your customers.

Detailed reporting – Dabs gives you easy online access to a wide range of useful information, including order history, consignment tracking, 'live' stock availability and more.

Benefits for your customers

A great choice – We offer over 60,000 CPE products, including modems, routers, security firewalls and telephony products (e.g. IP-enabled handsets and IP gateway equipment). The range includes  technology products such as laptops, hard drives and memory so you can expand your portfolio.

An easy migration – Our products will enable your customers to migrate seamlessly from TDM to IP networking.

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