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Regulatory and Archived Documents

Find Ofcom Notifications, Key Performance Indicators, Reference Offers and other regulatory and archived information.

Artificial Inflation of Traffic (AIT) Review Documents

Find documents relating to the AIT Review.

Confirmation of 1 March 10 Effective Date for New Provisions & Draft AIT Guide for Industry Comment

Master Services Agreement (MSA)

Find MSA documentation.

Contract Management Mechanism

Find the Contract Management Mechanism.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Find Data Management Amendment KPIs, Interconnect Circuits KPIs and Statement of Requirement Response KPIs.

Ofcom Notifications

Find Ofcom notifications.

Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC)

Ofcom Notifications Archive

Here you'll find Ofcom notifications issued before April 2009.

Non-Reference Offer Contract Documents

Access other Contractual Documents that do not form part of BT's Reference Offers and as such are stand-alone documents.

Standard Contract Forum

Find Standard Contract Forum documents.

2014 Standard Interconnect Agreement (SIA) Review: Agreed Documents

2014 Standard Interconnect Agreement (SIA) Review: Meeting Minutes

These are Standard Interconnect Agreement Contract Review meeting minutes between BT and Industry.

Reference Offers

Find details of Reference Offers.

International Facilities Agreement (IFA)

IPstream Connect Agreement

For the IPstream Connect Terms and Conditions, see IPstream Connect.

Telephony Reference Offer: NCC Contract Schedules

16/06/2017 | doc - 143.50 Kb | 105 related Documents
01/02/2015 | 4.0 | doc - 98.38 Kb
08/11/2016 | 6.0 | rtf - 413.41 Kb
01/02/2015 | 4.1 | doc - 244.60 Kb

Wholesale Broadband Connect

For the Wholesale Broadband Connect Agreement, see Wholesale Broadband Connect.

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