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Orders & Faults

Get help with orders and faults, broadband performance issues and troubleshooting.


Find out how to access our Business-to-Business (B2B) resources.

For information to develop and manage the B2B gateway for orders and faults, go to B2B. This includes Knowledge Based Diagnostics (KBD) for 21C products.


Broadband Migrations & Escalations

Find out how to access our resources for broadband migrations and escalations - including documentation for the Ofcom change of migrations process from MAC to Notice of Transfer (NoT).

For resources about broadband migrations and escalations, see the Broadband section of Help & Support.


Knowledge Based Diagnostics (KBD)

Find out how to access our KBD resources.

To access handbooks, best practice and technical documentation for our KBD tools, see our Knowledge Based Diagnostics page.


Broadband Cancellation Reasons

Download a guide to help Communications Providers (CPs) progress cancelled broadband orders.

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