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High Level Escalation (HLE) FAQs

Find useful FAQs to help you if you have a query about our High Level Escalation process. It is important to review these FAQs and to have created a HLE case before initiating an eChat at the bottom of this page.

When should I use the High Level Escalation process?

When Business-As-Usual (BAU) Teams have not resolved your query to your satisfaction (to manager level), or when director level or above is involved.

How do I contact the HLE Team?

Please fill in the proforma, accessible from this link and send to

Who can instigate an HLE Case?

You will need to be on the authorised list of people who can do this on behalf of your organisation.

How do I get on the Authorised Persons List?

Please email the High Level Escalations Team with 'Reqest to be a Nominated Referral Officer' in the subject line.

How can I find details of what criteria the HLE team have for accepting cases?

Please see the Customer Service Plan (CSP) for the product your query refers to.

What information do you require on the proforma?

All relevant information including e-mail chains and  supporting documentation. Please describe what has happened so far, what you need to happen and by when it needs to be done. The more background information we have the quicker we will be able to help you.

How long will it be before I hear once the request is sent?

The HLE team will get back to you advising if your request has been accepted within 2 working hours.

Which BT Wholesale (BTW) products and services are covered by HLE.

All BTW products and Services are covered by the HLE Team.

Why has my Director Level escalation request been rejected?

The team will provide full rationale when an escalation is rejected. However, you should consider:-


  • Have you filled in the pro-forma in full with all relevant information including evidence of Director level involvement?
  • Have you provided all the information requested?
  • Have you exhausted all BAU avenues

When should I use the HLE eChat facility at the bottom of this page?

The eChat should only be used once a HLE case has been accepted and a case handler assigned (see FAQ2).

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