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Contractual Information

Find contractual information including Broadband Service Level Options and our Credit Vetting polices.

Broadband Service Level Options

Find details of BT Wholesale's approach to service quality through the offer of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Service Level Agreements (SLGs).

Service Level Agreements (SLA)


An SLA defines a set of performance indicators relating to the provision and/or performance of the service; this may include numerical targets for the key elements and will be a constituent part of the service’s Terms and Conditions. Whilst BT aims to comply with the performance levels defined in the SLA, such levels are targets only and are not contractually binding.


Service Level Guarantee (SLG)


A SLG sets out specific levels of customer service against defined criteria; this will include numerical targets and penalties for non-performance. Service Terms and Conditions will clearly define the boundaries of the compensation criteria.


SLGs cover:


   •    End User orders installed by the Customer Confirmed Date (CCD)


   •    Aggregate Access orders installed by the Contractual Delivery Date (CDD)


   •    BT Datastream Virtual Path orders installed by the Contractual Delivery Date (CDD)


   •    End User repairs covered by Standard Care completed within the target of 40 clock hours


   •    End User repairs covered by Enhanced Care completed within the target of 20 clock hours. Broadband Enhanced Care is available

         at an additional charge per ADSL or SDSL End User Access


   •    Aggregate Access repairs covered by Total Care completed within the target of 20 clock hours


Full details of SLAs and SLG are in the Broadband Service Level Agreement handbook.


Further information


For information detailing the terms of the Service Level Agreements, Service Level Guarantees and compensation levels, see the appropriate product terms & conditions.

Credit Vetting Policies

Find information about our Credit Vetting policies.

The BT Wholesale Credit Vetting Policy


This covers the products listed in the document, the generic terms in Appendix 1 apply for any products and/or services that are not otherwise covered by a valid existing credit vetting policy.


BT Wholesale Credit Vetting Policy – Issue 10 Effective 1 March 2014

Reference Offers

Find out how to access Reference Offers.

To access Reference Offers, see the Regulatory and Archived Information page.

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