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Support and Escalations

Broadband Customer Service Plans (CSPs)

We'll show you where to find our Broadband Customer Service Plans.

Broadband Customer Service Plans

Our CSPs detail the ordering, repair and billing processes for the product or service, together with key contact information and any service guarantees. It's part of our commitment to delivering outstanding customer service.


You'll find all our Broadband Cusotmer Service Plans on our Product Documentation page.


Contact us

We'll show you how to contact us for help with broadband orders or faults.

Contact us about a broadband order or fault

You'll find help contacting us about single or multi-user broadband orders and faults on our Contact us page.


System Support help desk

We'll show you where to find our System Support help desk FAQs.

System Support Helpdesk FAQs

For help fixing or reporting issues with BT Wholesale applications and systems if see our System Support Helpdesk FAQs.


Broadband Escalations Portal User Guides Secure Icon

Find guides to help you use our Escalations Portal, which allows you to raise escalations related to broadband orders and faults.

High Level Escalations (HLE) Secure Icon

We'll show you where to find FAQs to help you if you have a query about our High Level Escalation (HLE) process.

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