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Orders, Migrations & Cancellations

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Broadband Ordering guides Secure Icon

Find resources to help you with your Broadband orders, including Business Zone and eCo Plus support.

Broadband Availability Checker (BBAC) Secure Icon

Find out how to access the Broadband Availability Checker and related documentation.

Tags on the Line Secure Icon

TAGs on the line and how to deal with them.

Simultaneous Provision Process Secure Icon

Find an overview of the Simultaneous Provision Process and SIM2 Expedite Process User Guide.

Ofcom Notice of Transfer (NoT) Process Secure Icon

Access documentation for the Ofcom change of migrations process from MAC to Notice of Transfer (NoT).

Broadband Migrations & Forecast Templates Secure Icon

Download documentation and resources to help with Broadband Migrations.

Broadband Cancellation and Cease Reasons Secure Icon

Guides to help Communications Providers (CPs) progress cancelled broadband orders and understand Cease Types and Cease Reasons.

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