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Broadband Reports

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Asset List Inventory Reports Secure Icon

The Asset List Inventory Reports are designed to help you better understand the current Broadband Assets that we are providing to you, on the BT Wholesale Broadband Network.

Broadband Capacity Reports Secure Icon

Access the S-VLAN Report and IPstream Virtual Path (VP) Status Report.

Fibreline report Secure Icon

Details of post install performance on Fibrelines.

Wholesale Customer Reporting (WCR) Secure Icon

Find the latest Wholesale Customer Reporting (WCR) user guides.

21CN Broadband Availability Secure Icon

Links to 21CN Broadband Availability to include sites with capacity issues, WBC exchange coverage and sites enabled for 18M FTTC.

Latest FTTC & FTTP Exchange & Cabinet Availability Secure Icon

Links to Latest FTTC & FTTP Exchange & Cabinet Availability on our Network Information page.

CP Qualification Data  Secure Icon

Find the details for requesting BRAG & PQT data

SDEDS Secure Icon

SDEDs is a Secure Data Exchange and Distribution System FTPS server.

We use SDEDS to make a lot of our Broadband Reports available to you.

15 Min Bin Data Secure Icon

15 Min Bin Data is Dynamic Line Management (DLM) data from Openreach for WBC FTTC and WBC FTTC ( Due to seamless rate adaption, 15 min bin data for is only held within SDEDs.

Network Utilisation Reports Secure Icon

Daily Network Traffic Utilisation reports for WBC FTTC and Singe Order Fibre.

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