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20C Voice Order Management FAQs

Find useful FAQS to help you with 20C Voice order enquiries.

How do I contact the BT Wholesale 20C Voice provision team?


If your question is about provision of a PSTN / ISDN / Featureline or ISDN30 circuit you can email us / use the eChat portal.

Can I contact you by email?


You can contact our team directly using the address below:


Provisioning issues:


I have an appointment tomorrow which I need to cancel - who do I contact?


If you're customer advises they are not available and need to re-arrange you need to eChat into the team to avoid any delay and possible missed appt charges being raised.


Where can I find information about BT Wholesale Voice Services PSTN?


You'll find more information about our PSTN service on our Voice Services PSTN page.


Who do I contact if I have a fault?


Faults : 0800 7316993

ISDN30 faults: 0800 7316968


How do I escalate?


Please refer to the Customer Service Plan (CSP) on PSTN Page.


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