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In today's communications-driven world, voicemail has become an essential tool for both businesses and individuals. Whether it's simple message taking or more advanced call handling, it's a valuable service that's in strong demand. So it's the perfect product to enhance your customer offering and help you attract new business.

Our fixed line Voice Messaging services enable you cost-effectively to deliver flexible, reliable voicemail services to your customers. Wholesale 1571 is an unbranded messaging service that stores up to 10 messages for up to 20 days. Call Minder takes the solution to the next level, with smart message handling and multiple mailboxes.

Competitive pricing and good earning potential

Our Voice Messaging services are priced to offer your customers excellent value for money. What's more, they open up two potential new revenue streams for you. Firstly, you can charge your customers for subscribing to any of the services (although many communications providers choose to provide the basic 1571 service free as an added value incentive). Secondly, you'll benefit from additional call revenue from callers leaving messages.

Easy to set up. Easy to use.

Our Voice Messaging services are fully managed by us, so there's no need for you to invest in infrastructure or equipment. As for your customers, all they need is a touch-tone handset to access a messaging service, retrieve messages and, in the case of Call Minder, configure the advanced features.

Why BT Wholesale?

We have extensive experience in managing large-scale voicemail systems over our reliable, high-performance network. So you can choose our Voice Messaging services with complete confidence. Answer 1571 and Call Minder are already well established in the marketplace, with strong customer recognition and positive brand perception. Therefore, you have a head start in selling your own branded versions of these industry-leading solutions.

Flexible voicemail services for home and business users. We make it possible.

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