Media Broadcast and Content

In today's media and broadcasting industry, technology is the key to new opportunities. IPTV is opening up the market. Fibre connectivity and efficient global distribution are extending it. Viewer interaction is providing new revenue streams. At BT we've provided market-leading technology to the media and broadcast industry for more than 60 years. From complex digital media initiatives to multi-platform distribution, we deliver reliable, specialist solutions for companies right across the media spectrum, from small production houses to major broadcasters.

BT Agilemedia

BT Agilemedia is our specialist participation media business that enables viewers to interact with broadcast content via phone and text.

BT Media IP Nexus

BT Media IP Nexus is a high-bandwidth IP network for the UK's creative media industry. It allows high-speed file transfer within your local media region at speeds of 100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps and flexible options for interconnection to other regions in both the UK and globally. There’s also optional internet connectivity built in and a choice of shared third party services.

BT Global Media Network

Our Global Media Network (GMN) enables reliable digital data transfer between companies in all the key locations around the world where broadcast content is created or distributed.

Global Media Network Occasional Use Services

Our Global Media Network (GMN) enables reliable video data transfer between companies in key locations around the world. And with our occasional use facility, you can connect to the network as and when you need it.

TV Outside Broadcast

Television Outside Broadcast (TVOB) provides high-quality fibre, satellite and microwave connectivity from remote locations, such as sports arenas and exhibition halls, to your premises or to the BT Tower and into our Global Media Network.

FacilityLine Plus

FacilityLine Plus and FacilityLine Plus HD enable media companies and advertising agencies in the Greater London area to exchange broadcast-quality video content quickly, reliably and cost effectively.