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Pricing Notification

Notifications are documents informing Ofcom and industry about the upcoming changes to the Price List. Please click on desired link to access notifications.


Pricing Notification

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Previous Price lists

The current CPL includes a history of the pricing. However, if further rates are required within a different time frame please contact CS Price via email at



Archived Part B3.46 (CP Directory Enquiry (DQ) Service Calls)






Archived Part B1.02 (BT to CP payments)






Archived Part B1.12 (CP to BT to CP Transit charges)





Contact the pricing team

For pricing related enquiries about information found in the Carrier Price List (CPL), please contact your BT account manager in the first instance. If you do not have a BT account manager CPL enquiries can be forwarded, by e-mail, to the following e-mail address:

For IPstream and Datastream product and service enquiries, e-mails should be sent to the above btcs.pricing e-mail address only where no BT account manager exists.

For BT Openreach products and services enquiries should be sent via the following website link. If you are unsure as to whether your enquiry is proper to BT Openreach and you do not have a BT account manager, your enquiry can sent to the above btcs.pricing e-mail account.

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