Ethernet MSIL

Ethernet Multi-Service Interconnect Link (Ethernet MSIL) is a new BTWholesale link product to interconnect BT’s 21CN with other Communications Providers (CP) next generation networks.

Note: These documents are the subject of a contract review with Industry under the aegis of Consult 21, and  have not been agreed with industry.

The Ethernet MSIL Service Schedule is subject to the Master Services Agreement

[Note: Wholesale Broadband Connect can also be ordered under a separate Service Schedule under the MSA]

With effect from 30 June 2009 the Ethernet MSIL documentation is

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Document & Title Issue Date Size
Service Schedule 3.0 05/09 179K
Appendix 1 3.0 05/09 137K
Appendix 2B 3.0 05/09 126K
Appendix 2C 3.0 05/09 127K
Appendix 2D 3.0 05/09 124K
Appendix 3 3.0 05/09 122K
Appendix 4 3.0 05/09 102K

Description of the files available

Service Schedule

(Ethernet MSIL) Service Schedule

Appendix 1


Appendix 2

Appendix 2B

Product Schedule 2B (IBH)

Appendix 2C

Product Schedule 2C (ISH)

Appendix 2D

Product Schedule 2D (APH)

Appendix 3

Planning & Operations

Appendix 4

Service Level Agreement

The previous issued documentation

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Document & Title Issue Date Size
Schedule General Terms & Conditions 2.1* 04/08 182K
Appendix 1 1.2 06/08 1375K
Schedule 2B 1.1 12/07 1345K
Schedule 2C 1.1 12/07 1348K
Schedule 2D 1.1 12/07 1343K
Appendix 3 1.1 12/07 1353K
Appendix 4 1.1 12/07 1270K

Description of the files available

Schedule General Terms & Conditions

Schedule General Terms & Conditions

Appendix 1

Appendix 1: Service Schedule Definitions Appendix

Appendix 2:

Schedule 2A

Product Schedule 2A - CSH - Not Launched

Schedule 2B

Product Schedule 2B - IBH

Schedule 2C

Product Schedule 2C - ISH

Schedule 2D

Product Schedule 2D - APH

Appendix 3

Appendix 3: Planning and Operations Appendix

Appendix 4

Appendix 4: Service Level Agreement Appendix