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What opportunities could Wholesale SIP Trunking open up for your business?

By Nick Gutie

Head of Indirect Channel Sales

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New opportunities, new markets

Collaboration has always been on the boardroom agenda. Facilitating joined-up thinking, creating economies of scale and bringing expertise together to solve problems, no matter where individuals are located, are just a few of the most obvious reasons for wanting to adopt a more collaborative approach. However, for many businesses the technology infrastructure underpinning this vision is lacking.

Video conferencing, unified communications and next-generation voice services will only be effective with the right network infrastructure powering them. The need for high quality connectivity presents a huge opportunity for you to sell enabling solutions to your own end customers. One effective option is Wholesale SIP Trunking (WSIPT).

The ideal replacement for ISDN

For many years SIP Trunking has been viewed as a cheaper, poorer quality version of ISDN. It is indeed cheaper, but to say that quality is compromised is not true. In fact we’re able to maintain the same standards as a call placed over an ISDN. This guarantee of quality has opened up a whole host of new revenue streams for our customers through cross-selling of lines, calls, access, equipment, apps and services.

Saving on costs

Aside from additional revenue opportunities, there is also the chance to cut operating costs. Implementing a SIP Trunking solution immediately means you are able to rationalise either ISDN 30 or ISDN 2 lines associated with the customer site. There is also the added benefit of reduced costs for SIPT calls. For some customers this will mean a package of free calls on the network and others will have an allowance.

More advantages

It’s fair to point out that from a technical point of view this could be replicated on ISDN, but this would only be of benefit to large end customer sites. The structural differences in the way a SIPT solution is delivered means that the advantages can be rolled out to end customers with a smaller number of circuits and/or fewer sites. This means they can also take advantage of the latest data products, fibre to the cabinet (FTTC), and low-speed Ethernet, further increasing the commercial opportunities for you.

Benefits for end users

There are significant advantages for end user customers looking to upgrade their collaboration technology but not necessarily wishing to rip out their PBX and existing handsets. As the technology is compatible with a great number of existing PBX models, end customers can use SIPT to take a staged approach to moving towards further hosted communication solutions, such as hosted voice and hosted contact centres. A very attractive proposition for those who are looking to cut down on capital expenditure and move costs towards an OpEx model.

Taking the next step

Many resellers see the benefits of SIP Trunking but have concerns around the fact that previously their business has been built on selling voice minutes and PBX deals. It would be naïve to suggest that deploying SIPT will be a simple swap. However, we have lots of experience of helping customers to make the transition, providing consultancy to solve issues and supporting them with addressing their end-customer needs. Customers who have made the transition have very quickly started to realise benefits and generate a healthy pipeline of opportunities.

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Find out more about what opportunities SIPT could offer your business, take a look at our Wholesale SIP Trunking product page or get in touch with your account manager.


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