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Towards the network of the future

Gavin Jones reflects on what 5g will mean for the channel in our latest video, where he will explain BT’s vision for 5G, what it will mean for 4G, and how it will affect the channel and the internet of things.

Watch the video or read the full script below.

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What is BT’s vision for 5G?

With the deployment of 5G and the advent of new converged services, our customers will be able to provide a broader portfolio based on simple-to-offer bespoke products and services, whether fixed or mobile, really enabled by convergence. This combined with wider technology convergence such as OTT, cloud and IOT will enable us to provide our customers with technology which is bespoke to their businesses and to their customers.

What are the benefits of 5G?

As the technology matures, we will stay at the cutting edge of 5G development, bringing even greater benefits to our business customers. 

These include enhanced reliability; greater security; seamless, converged connectivity; and dedicated or bespoke network services. Our ambition is to harness the best fixed, Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G networks in the UK to deliver a truly converged experience for our customers.

With the roll out of 5G, what will happen to 4G?

The benefits of 5G to businesses in terms of latency, speed, reliability and volume will be a step change from where we are with 4G, although the two networks will be very much complementary. 

Over time, we expect 5G to unlock a wealth of exciting possibilities – let me give you a few examples. Public services, automotive, transport and logistics, health and social care, manufacturing and energy, and broadcasting and media, amongst others. Recently we ran trials in Canary Wharf, these were very well attended by a huge range of customers, partners and suppliers. We are planning further trial locations, which will be announced in due course.

How will 5G affect the channel?

For the channel we expect 5G to be deployed for our mobile and media and broadcast customers, where there is a plethora of opportunity to transform services and connectivity. The development of IoT and integrated networks will create a multitude of new requirements and business opportunities from customers. 

Given the channel’s close proximity to and deep relationships with end-customers, it’s ideally placed to understand the specific needs of those business customers and translate those into bespoke solutions, especially for the development of smart cities and the surveillance industry.

How will 5G benefit the evolution of the internet of things?

IoT is defined as a 'network of networks' of uniquely identifiable end points (or things) that communication without human interaction using IP connectivity.

Objects become interconnected, make themselves recognisable, and acquire intelligence in the sense that they can communicate information about themselves and access information that has been provided by other sources.

Positioning your business to gain from that growth – as opposed to being eliminated by it – is a responsibility that goes all the way up to the CEO and board members. Businesses cannot afford to ignore how data is being used to re-write the rules, and those that do risk annihilation.  



Growth will come from new devices becoming connected. 

BT Wholesale are at the forefront of this revolution providing a secure, ultrafast network for those newly connected devices and creating solutions for the next chapter of your business.

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