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Services that grow your business beyond your expectations

By Steve Blackshaw

Head of professional services portfolio, BT Wholesale

All great companies start somewhere, and from green shoots, mighty forests grow. We work with the largest companies in the UK, and we also support the thousands of start-ups, and the fastest growing companies in the economy. Regardless of scale, we work with our partners to help them realise their ambitions to grow by aligning our proposition to their needs. We offer professional consultancy and managed services that can help increase product value, find new revenue streams and build stronger customer relationships. 


So, what stage is your business at now?


A start-up who’s new to the market

Agile start-ups need to quickly build an ecosystem for their business. While you’re focused on growth, we can help you with the specific technology, typically voice or broadband.  You’ll want to use new innovations, automate wherever you can and keep your services up to date. You need somebody to bring the capability and scale while you provide the agility.

A company who’s growing quickly 

At this point, your business will be quickly building and increasing market share. Likely following an angel investor, your business has gone into an acquisition period and is readjusting as it goes (both in terms of tech, process and people).

A company whose growth is stabilising 

At this point you’re likely to be growing steadily. Your acquisitions may well be merging and you’ll be looking to consolidate across the business. You need a partner to help you embrace new ‘managed’ services and consider business models that deliver an improved quality of service and customer experience, while still making savings.

A company who’s transforming their technology

This is the key transformational stage where established customers need major change to grow fast again. As well as consolidating and perfecting your managed services, you’ll need help broadening your portfolio to leverage investments.

If you’re changing your strategy

Having accelerated and proven your business, you may be following an exit strategy or looking to update and diversify your offering. You’ll need a partner who can help you recognise new technological trends and respond to changing consumer needs. 


Here’s how we can help your business

Our services have been developed based on our expertise. They range from Managed Install and Managed Wayleave, to Field Services and Resident Job Controller. Here’s a few ways we can help you accelerate your business goals .

We can help define your operating model to make sure you’re set up for the future.

We’ll also be able to undertake a benefits analysis that will help you prioritise investments in service desk and support to achieve your return on investment. 

We’ll manage your network

We’ll manage all network and IT technology. This will help increase service levels while reducing OPEX with predictable, fixed costs for the lifetime of the contract. 

We’ll help you move from voice to the cloud with our hosted voice platform.

We’ll optimise your service so you can audit, design, deploy, set-up and activate customers on our Hosted Voice platform, simply and efficiently, under one combined bill.

We’ll manage the install from beginning to end.

We’ll deal with the complexity of multi-site network deployment across Ethernet, CPE configuration, logistics, install and test.


Why are we best placed to do this?

Firstly, our history and maturity in the telecoms market really sets us apart from the competition. We’ve been tested over the years with every type of problem, so we know what we’re doing. And you know that we trust our own services and skills because we use them to grow and transform our network, the biggest in the UK.

Secondly, our scale is a significant factor in our ability to help other businesses succeed. Our white-labelled products can be optimise by a new entrant who wants to market themselves as having global reach. 

You can trust our experience. Whether it’s design, architecture or migration, we have experience running complex, new technology programmes and projects for large and small customers across the UK. So much so, that the significant players in the market come to us for advice. We are the go-to for telecoms knowledge.

Finally, we’re a partner who understands you. If you can identify your business in the life cycle story, then we can help you accelerate to the next phase. We’ll always start with a conversation to understand your business goals, intent and ambition.

From here we’ll help to get to the next stage of growth, development, consolidation or transformation. Together we can grow your business and support your ambitions. To find out more about our managed services, click here.

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