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Moving our lives online

The need for more bandwidth to support business critical services has never been so pressing, which is why we’ve heavily invested in building our network.

We are living through the biggest technology boom the world has seen. The internet has grown to be so much more than a gateway to finding information and sending emails. In fact it has become a critical part of our lives. This has been fuelled by an unprecedented uptake of internet usage, by both consumers and businesses, as an instrument to make our lives easier. We stream video content for entertainment, shop and bank online, store our photos of precious memories in the cloud and we do it through multiple devices. And it’s the same for businesses, too. Businesses are moving applications to the cloud, using video conferencing, instant messaging, hosted voice solutions and accessing office content wherever they are working.

As the number of applications we access continues to grow, we rarely consider the infrastructure that underpins our ability to stay connected. This massive shift to a connected world puts increasing focus on the networks that deliver all these services. We recognise this is the way the market is moving. The need for more bandwidth to support business critical services has never been so pressing. This is why we’ve heavily invested in building our network for Digital Britain.


Wholesale High Bandwidth Solutions

It might be that you’re selling cloud applications today and need a connectivity partner you can rely on. After all, cloud applications are only as good as the connectivity they sit on. Or it could be that you operate your own network and are feeling the strain from the ever-growing, bandwidth-hungry end users. If that’s the case, we’ve got a full portfolio of solutions ranging from 1Gb - 10Gb Ethernet and up to 100Gb Optical to meet all your needs. 

What sets us apart is that we’re not building our network capacity to order like so many out there today. We’ve invested millions and pre-built our network, so you and your customers can get high bandwidth connectivity services, much quicker. After all, business critical connectivity deserves a lead time to match. 

We have also looked meticulously at our delivery processes, every step of the order journey, and made them as lean as possible. This means we can deploy 10Gb Ethernet faster than ever before. In fact, we’ve taken the delivery lead time for 10Gb Etherway Fibre from 120 working days down to just 33 working days* ,  which I’m sure you’ll agree is significantly quicker. In fact, we’ve introduced automation into all our order journeys which has brought down our lead times by up to 92%  meaning we can deliver 10Gb Data Centre access in just day 10 working days.


Flexibility, built in

How about your end users who just don’t know how much bandwidth they will need from day one, or how soon they’ll need more? We’ve thought about that too. We know that things can change pretty fast in business, so we offer flexible Bandwidth on Demand where customers can scale up and down as their needs grow. So both you, and your customer only pay for the bandwidth used. The ability to increase bandwidth in a scalable way extends above 1Gb. Using our range of 10Gb access options customers can order and scale bandwidth in 0.5Gb increments. Can your other connectivity suppliers offer such scalable Ethernet solutions above and below 1Gb?

We recognise that in a lot of cases both you and your end users require connectivity all over the country. I don’t think there should be a geographical divide when it comes to the technology we all need to succeed. So we’ve built and invested nationally - our network is UK-wide. We have invested significantly in Ethernet capacity each year, and we’re still going - including rolling out 10Gb access to more locations across the UK over the next 12 months. 


How it helps you

Pre-building our network, improving delivery times, expanding our coverage, ensuring superior network resilience - all this helps you grow your business. Quicker deployment times means happier customers and a quicker time to revenue. Our UK-wide coverage means you can serve each and every one of your customers. And our network is built for business traffic, so you can have peace of mind that when you’re selling our network, your customers are getting a trusted and reliable service. As bandwidth demands continue to increase the focus and importance on resilience plays an increasingly vital role. We support a range of 10Gb resilience options and our entire Ethernet core and backhaul network is designed with 100% resilience. So you can underpin UK business demands with certainty. 


We want to be your connectivity partner of choice

Whether you’re reselling our services, or using them as an enabler for your digital or IP voice offerings, we want to give you the platform to grow. Together we will make Digital Britain a reality. And our network will be there to make sure your services are reliable, resilient and delivered to customers faster.

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