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ISDN Migration with BT Wholesale Hosted Communications

Grab the opportunity for higher margins with the best product, best portal and best price

A major change is underway in our industry. We are moving to a world of all-IP voice communications and this is a huge opportunity for resellers. The UK has around two million ISDN channels still in use, and the market for SIP Trunking in the UK is expected to be worth £560m in the next two to three years. With Wholesale Hosted Communications you can seize this opportunity, with a combined Hosted SIP Trunking and Hosted Centrex solution all provisioned from one easy-to-use ordering portal. So wherever your customers are on their journey to IP comms you can offer them a service to meet their needs. And we can get you up and running in no time - giving you a clear journey to next-generation communications and higher margins.

Last summer we launched our Hosted SIP Trunking service and we recently unveiled our Fraud Management System. Together they provide you with a powerful approach to moving your customers to IP-based telecommunications. Our Hosted SIP Trunking is the ideal replacement for ISDN and is part of our Wholesale Hosted Communications offering which also includes Hosted Centrex. Market-leading commercials on call packages are also available. The opportunity is clear, with Hosted Centrex and SIP Trunking in the same platform, resellers are given a consistent and easy to manage experience regardless of which solutions their customers need. You also get the capability to offer a common dial plan, and many of the same cloud features, all configured from your own branded portal. You can effectively take corporate quality VoIP, and unified communications products and services to businesses of all sizes; with flexible contract terms and SLAs. There’s a solution for everyone, whether your customers need a straightforward single Trunk or a more complex multi-site solution. And there is flexibility to help resellers manage customer peaks and troughs, ensuring scalability as and when it is needed.

You can upgrade your SIP Trunking customers with additional cloud features or even migrate them to a full Hosted Centrex solution seamlessly, with no disruption and no downtime; which helps minimise churn. We provide a stepped approach to products and features meaning when a customer opts for a SIP trunk, they have an IP base on which they can build services as and when their business needs it.

Hosted SIP Trunking together with our sophisticated Fraud Management system will help resellers overcome concerns and objections, specifically around telephony fraud. While many other solutions deal with hacker activity by implementing call spend caps to cut off services before costs spiral out of control, we have taken a far more robust approach. Our solution uses data analytics to identify unusual behaviour and anomalies in usage, acting accordingly to stop this activity in its tracks. It means if there is an attempt by hackers to make unauthorised calls, it will be detected early and blocked before they can cause serious financial damage, while still allowing day to day business operation to continue.

With our new Hosted SIP Trunking it is easier than ever before to get customers up and running safely, with our simple order journey and near real-time provisioning. And resellers can get more customers online quicker, which is good for any volume business.

It doesn’t stop there either, disaster recovery and resilience increase both flexibility and peace of mind. Even our basic Trunk allows calls diverts to mobiles in the case of a PBX or internal network breakdown.

The clear advantage of keeping SIP Trunking in the BT family is that resellers benefit from a cohesive and secure range of products and services. As customers move along the unified communications path, they benefit from a one-stop-shop approach with all the integration and security it brings.

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