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Tools to keep you in control of high spend

Your safety net

Monitoring calls for high spend isn’t an easy task. Which is why we’re here to help. Along with our default tools, we have other services that offer your customers a ‘safety net’ to help protect them against high call usage.

As a Voice Services customer you’ll already benefit from our default tools, Unrated CDRs and Rated CDRs, which are delivered to SDEDS and allow you to monitor unusual spend.

But our High Usage Call Control tools also include optional extras, such as SPHUR, SPHUR Lite and Auto Call Barring, all of which provide you with additional monitoring capabilities. With these, you’ll be able to give the customers the information they need to stay in control of their spend and high risk situations.

Greater control, greater call monitoring

Our High Usage Call Control tools give you the flexibility to aid your customers combat risk and possible fraud, backed up bt our very own fraud teams who monitor the network. Our tools include:

SPHUR. Allows you to access ‘near real time’ rated call data to monitor your in day spend on a CLI and Call Type basis.

SPHUR Lite. Ideal if you have lower volumes of traffic. You’ll receive email notifications five times a day, detailing if a CLI has breached your threshold limit.

Auto Call Barring. The icing on the top and the biggest safety net of all. Simply set a threshold and if it’s breached, be it day or night, we’ll request an outgoing call bar.

You can find out all the features and benefits of our High Usage Call Control features by downloading our datasheet on the opposite side of the page.

Please note, if you wish to take up Auto Call Barring, you must be a SPHUR Lite user. The good news? Both Auto Call Barring and SPHUR Lite are free! Just get in touch with us and we’ll set you up with both services at the same time.

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  • Datasheet

    Read our datasheet to find out more about our monitoring services and how they can benefit you.

    14/01/2021 pdf - 152 KB
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