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BT Locate – a simpler way to house your infrastructure

Keep your business running with secure exchanges conveniently located near you

Rack spaces, data centres and storage of your customers’ information is vital for your business. And it all needs to be kept safe and secure. We know that doing it all yourself can be expensive, time-consuming and it’s difficult to set up that kind of infrastructure. We also know how to help you with that.

And that’s with BT Locate.

We have over 5,000 secure exchanges throughout the UK  for you to house your IT and communications infrastructure – so there’s bound to be one local to your business and your customers. So whether it’s space and power for a single rack, or a full-blown data centre, we can give you what you need. That includes the space, the build, cabling and equipment, and our experts to help run it 24/7. BT Locate lets you protect business-critical data in exchanges close to you.

What more can BT Locate offer you?

  • Peace of mind - your equipment will be housed in a secure, resilient environment while we manage your infrastructure and do all the leg work to make sure it stays safe.
  • A robust service - in the event of a major catastrophe, we’ll ensure that you and your customers can keep working.
  • Total flexibility - you can scale up and down to meet customer needs and remain well within budget.
  • Easy reach - with over 5,000 exchanges across the UK you will be well within reach of one of our exchanges, and you have access 24/7, all year round.
  • Top-notch security – our exchanges are monitored constantly and have an uninterruptible power supply and generator redundancy – so there’s no more worrying when the lights go out.
  • Save money – as a locally hosted data centre reduces engineer travel time and costs.


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Explore our solution and related documents.


  • Infographic

    Explore how BT Locate can provide locally hosted security and connectivity.

    14/01/2021 pdf - 1.10 MB
  • Datasheet

    Download to find out more about the benefits of BT Locate.

    14/01/2021 pdf - 1.32 MB
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