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What is SoGEA?

SOGEA stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access. It enables providers to order broadband without a phone line - so you've got everything you need within a single order.


Save time and money with SoGEA

SoGEA is cheaper than the combined costs of a phone line and standard broadband package. And with both from the same provider – everything’s in one place. This means you can easily report and resolve faults if something goes wrong. No more having to ring one helpdesk for your phone line and another for your broadband.


Get up and running with ease

It’s easier to flex and manage your home working solutions with quick installation and reliable connection. SoGEA runs over the internet meaning there’s less chance of interface and an unstable connection.


Single line, no PSTN line

We’ve improved the order journey so now in just one order, you can get ethernet to your customers quicker than before. With no need to make two orders, one for PSTN and one for ethernet, life’s a lot easier.


Fast ethernet. Friendly prices.

SoGEA is around 30 per cent cheaper than our GEA-FTTC. And with just one order to manage, you can get ethernet to your customers quickly, improve customer experience and start generating revenue fast.


Building on our network

Our network of tomorrow is home to our leading-class ethernet services. So you can rest in confidence that you’re getting an ethernet service that is robust, reliable and far-reaching.


Small changes, big differences

SoGEA is just like our existing GEA-FTTC. Except for the fact that it’s around 30 per cent cheaper, is done in one order and can help you realise cash a lot quicker.


Get SoGEA for your business.

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