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My BTWholesale updates

Find out about the latest enhancements to online order journeys and
improvements to Business Zone.

  • Business Zone is our one-stop shop for our customers to do business with us online.
    Find out about the improvements we've made to a number of journeys throughout our Ethernet, Broadband and Ethernet services.

    1. Ethernet roll out and ongoing improvements

    Switching off of the old Ethernet order Journeys

    We’ve now switched off even more of the old Ethernet journeys enabling you to continue using the latest journeys via Business Zone.

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    Improved Ethernet tool tips

    We've re-written our tool tips making it easier for you to understand what is needed and the data formatting required.

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    Ethernet order validation performance improvement

    Customers with larger networks will see up to 60% reduction in time taken to validate their Ethernet orders.

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    2. Ethernet fault transformation

    We've listened to what you've told us about diagnosing and raising Ethernet faults and we're committed to improving the current journeys.

    Our objectives:

    1. Provide customers with clear and easy diagnostic tools with better insight on service performance
    2. Reduce fact finding faults by giving customers service configuration information upfront

    3. Optimise inconclusive/pass fault journeys to be simpler and faster to raise

    Our approach:

    • Transform the end to end Ethernet diagnostic > fault experience and relaunch on Business Zone
    • Simplify diagnostic results with clear outcomes and next steps
    • Share service configuration details online to reduce fact finding faults
    • Simplify structured questions with more logical sequencing
    • Support customers with contextual, targeted training material

    Transforming how you raise Ethernet faults

    Our new transformation on raising Ethernet faults will mean the teams can establish a much more rounded view of particularly tricky faults.


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    Better insight on service configuration

    You will be able to view how your services are configured.

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    Fewer questions on total loss of service faults

    You told us how you would like fewer questions. Now, we've made sure we wont ask you intrusive details on total loss of service faults.


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    Simplify inconclusive/pass fault journeys

    You will now see pre-populated questions with details from previous faults.

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    Contextual and relevant checks

    We're providing you with contextual training collateral to help when checking a fault.

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    Roll out of new Ethernet fault journey

    We can now provide you with a date to date timeline of the new Ethernet fault journey roll out.

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    4. New online Ethernet service capabilities and Business Zone improvements

    Hosted search latency – performance improvements

    We've reduced the time taken for a hosted order to appear on Business Zone from 5 mins down to 3 mins.


    <<Insert image here>>

    Hosted first time User – video update

    We’ve updated the Hosted help screen to make it easier to read the latest updates and quickly find information. We’ve also made it easier to view the video guides.

    <<Insert image here>>

    Broadband Copper fast track

    You can now request your Copper Broadband order to be fast tracked via Business Zone.


    <<Insert image here>>

    MSO improvements

    We've ensured that you can now see the services impacted by MSO on quickview. You can also download the services that have been affected and access the service quick view from MSOs.

    <<Insert image here>>

    If you're experiencing problems using Business Zone or any of our online applications, please clear your browser's cache. If the issue persists, you can call us on 0800 783 5639 and select option 1. We provide 24x7 support or follow our How to clear your cache user guide.

  • We’ve responded to your feedback and improved our online functionality on Business Zone saving you time and effort. Click here for more details.

    1. Switching off even more old Ethernet order journeys

    We’ve switched off more of the old Ethernet journeys enabling you to continue using the latest journeys via Business Zone. Find out more about the products you can order using the new process.

    2. Updated help screen

    We’ve made improvements to the My BT Wholesale help screen to make it easier for you to see our updates and find information. We’ve also integrated a welcome video so we can communicate the latest updates with you.

    <<insert image here>>

    3. Improved product catalogue

    You told us that it’s hard to find the product you’re looking for in our order catalogue on Business Zone. So we’ve made it easier by:

    • Adding a new search feature
    • Promoting the most frequently ordered bundles at the top
    • Linking the product catalogue to both online order journeys as well as any excel based Customer Requirement Forms
    • Making it easier to understand our Ethernet bundles, by labelling them with the number of components in the bundle and the product component names
    • Adding in product feature descriptions, links to product handbooks and product pages

    <<insert image here>>

    4. Simplified site readiness details

    You told us you want it to be quicker to order Ethernet, so we’re looking at every opportunity to speed up the process. We’ve now simplified the information that you have to provide about site readiness so that it quicker for you to place an order.

    <<Insert image here>>

    5. Filter actions by handover

    You also shared with us that you want to be able to filter your actions by Excess charges and Service handover. So, now you can!

    <<Insert image here>>

    6. Changing PNCN back to Planned Engineering Work (PEW)

    You told us that you don’t use the acronym ‘PNCN’ when talking about Planned Engineering Works (PEWs) to your end customers and so we’re now also using the same language.

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